Corrupted Vows

Corrupted Vows
Kiana Hettinger
I saw her die in a fire. But then like a phoenix she has risen from the ashes. She's no longer the sweet and innocent girl I loved. She’s tough, feisty and passionate. I’m drawn to her in ways I never imagined. Someone made the biggest mistake of their life by trying to take our son away. I will destroy anyone who gets in my way. There will be blood. And it won’t be mine.

About the Author

Kiana Hettinger is an international bestselling author of dark & steamy mafia romance novels.

Kiana lives in gorgeous Virginia, with her two adorable Labrador Retrievers. She loves doing yoga which is when she gets her best ideas. Her perfect day would be going to a concert and screaming her lungs out then going home to take a long, long bubble bath. And maybe order in some Japanese food.