Queen of Light and Ashes

Queen of Light and Ashes
Mary E Jung
Queen Mèabh of Rävènna crawls out of her fallen kingdom. She’s been branded a traitor and must risk everything to gain allies. A Darkness has swept the land, destroying two out of the five kingdoms of Etrucia. Queen Mèabh’s light magic is the key to its defeat. She befriends King Ràidhen of Èyre. He helps Queen Mèabh erase her treason and summon the other rulers to save the world.

About the Author

Mary E. Jung is the worldwide author and publisher of the Etrucian Royals and the Libra Witch Series. She received her bachelor’s degree in Arts Studies with an emphasis in Arts Management and Opera from Shenandoah University. Mary has published an anthology written for New York Times # 1 Bestselling Author Sherrilyn McQueen’s fanfiction. She was a featured Publisher’s Weekly Spotlight Indie Author for their February 7th, 2022, edition.