Sober On A Drunk Planet: 3 Sober Steps

Sober On A Drunk Planet: 3 Sober Steps
Sean Alexander
3 Sober Steps contains powerful insights and tools to help you develop your self-awareness, take positive actions and start to build an unbreakable intuition that will make healthy and rewarding choices on auto-pilot. You never have to be hungover and unhappy again!

About the Author

Sean Alexander is the international best-selling author of Sober On A Drunk Planet - Giving Up Alcohol. He is a qualified Counsellor, Strength & Conditioning Coach, Yoga Instructor and Financial Advisor.

Having previously been locked up in a psychiatric ward for addiction, he has rebuilt his life through his sobriety and now helps build strong bodies and minds through his professional and personal experience.

He spends his spare time walking his puppy, practising Muay Thai, playing golf, going to the gym and enjoys doing all the things he couldn't do when he was hungover!