Steele Secrets

Steele Secrets
Andi Cumbo- Floyd
Ghosts don’t show up for just anybody so when I meet the spirit of Moses, a former slave, I know he needs my help. I didn’t expect to be taking on half of my town or the men who seem to run everything and have for years. Secrets are being uncovered, and some people would do anything to keep them buried. I’ll need the help of history and friends to save Moses’ graveyard and protect his legacy.

About the Author

I live with my adorable son, an almost as adorable black mouth cur named Meander, and a troublesome but cute pitbull mix named Roger in Virginia's Blue Ridge Mountains.
I write novels that fold back the corners to show the wild, maybe not entirely natural things that work in our lives. I also write mysteries as ACF Bookens and books about writing.