Test of Magnitude

Test of Magnitude
Andy Kasch
Waking up on another planet with a hippie from the 60's is the beginning of a 39-year misadventure for Brandon Foss. He and a new generation of humans must face multiple tests in a pursuit to solve the deeper mysteries of the universe among quarrelsome races of aliens. The 5-book series (8 years in the making) is now complete!

About the Author

Andy Kasch lives in Southern California with his beautiful wife and two neurotic cats. He writes when he is not fly-fishing from his kayak or travelling. The two greatest things to happen in the 21st century so far, according to Andy, are the craft beer revolution and the advent of the self-publishing business. These are good times if you are blessed enough to be in a position to enjoy them. Andy wishes you much benevolence and advises you to lead a balanced life, always. Tulros.