The Big ACHOO!

The Big ACHOO!
Dafna Warm (Sandler)
The story about Ori and his father’s deafening achoo uses fascinating illustrations and a dose of humor to demonstrate Sensory Modulation Disorder (SMD). children will learn about responsibility, acceptance, and understand about adjusted reactions.

About the Author

Dafna Warm (Sandler) is an author, music therapist, and expert in training children with Sensory Modulation Disorder. In her book, she has created a base for knowledge and criticism-free dialogue about the difficulty. With it you and your children can learn to accept one another, understand each other's experiences, face the challenge, and ultimately overcome it.
The Big Achoo is a must-have in every household with a child with Sensory Modulation Disorder, and in every clinic that specializes in the subject