The Bridge to Rembrandt

The Bridge to Rembrandt
Nelson K. Foley

When Robert crossed the bridge, he wasn’t expecting anything unusual. He was on the way to meet his girlfriend, but when he reached the other side, she didn’t know who he was. Robert is thrown back in time, further and further, reliving the history of Amsterdam through war, riots and the plague and meeting the Netherlands' greatest painter, Rembrandt and a discovery that could change his life. (Now a bestseller on Amazon in historical fiction).


About the Author

Nelson K. Foley – better known as Keith Foley among his family, friends and acquaintances is a debutant author at a somewhat late stage in his life. He chose to use his original name in honour of a family lineage that goes back several generations and including a very famous author. Nelson Foley is British, with a background in scientific publishing, and a passion for culture, art and travel. He has lived in and near Amsterdam for more years than he can count. The intimacy of having lived in the city, crossed the bridges, and meandered along the canals underpins his story telling, along with the support of many professional and amateur critics.