The Burning Hollow

The Burning Hollow
Ryan Schow
In this heart-pounding post-apocalyptic thriller, Rowdy Banks faces his ultimate test when he returns to Burning Hollow, Tennessee, to confront his past, while the sudden reappearance of Chloe and Everleigh Bickmore sets off a perilous ambush and a series of harrowing events that threaten the town's very existence, Chloe’s and Rowdy’s families, and all that they hold sacred.

About the Author

Ryan Schow is the USA Today best-selling author of forty-five novels in both post-apocalyptic fiction and thriller fiction. As a real life second-degree black belt and adrenaline junky, Ryan is drawn to books, movies, and TV featuring gritty, capable characters who are admirable but flawed, and eventually willing and able to go knuckle-to-knuckle with the most formidable of adversaries. Ryan lives in Northern California with his wife and two attack kitties.