The Guru's Suitcase

The Guru's Suitcase
Galia Ferdman
A western family meets an enlightened guru and decides to make an unusual move. They pack a suitcase and embark on a trip to India, following him. This spiritual journey will reveal the answers to essential questions that every person needs to know

About the Author

Galia grew up in Jerusalem and raised her children in the Tel Aviv area. Her spiritual inclination became stronger and stronger, until she finally discovered India, where she has spent most of the last 7 years. The ashram where she studies the eastern approach to life has become her second home.

Nowadays she defines herself as a healer and a yogi. She is very intuitive, wears only white cloth, does not have a permanent home, and likes to “go with the flow”.

She gives lectures about her "out of the matrix" lifestyle, yoga, meditation, miracles, and her self-developed method, "Diary of Flow"