The Lure of Infinity

The Lure of Infinity
Stan C. Smith
Bridgers: Elite fighters who protect tourists bridging to alternate worlds. Infinity is the best, but when she takes three biologists to a strange new version of Earth, they are caught in a life-and-death struggle. “This is a series you will truly hate to put down when the phone rings or the bathroom calls or you simply have GOT to get some sleep.”

About the Author

Stan Smith has lived most of his life in the Midwest United States and currently lives with his wife Trish in a house deep in an Ozarks forest near Warsaw, Missouri. He writes adventure novels that have a generous sprinkling of science fiction. His stories are about regular people who find themselves caught up in highly unusual situations. His goal is to stimulate your sense of wonder, get your heart pounding, and keep you reading late into the night, with minimal risk of exposure to spelling and punctuation errors. His books are for anyone who loves adventure, discovery, and mind-bending surprises.

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