The Price of Admiralty

The Price of Admiralty
Richard Tongue
The Battlecruiser Alamo, under its new commander, Daniel Marshall, is launched with a half-trained crew on a desperate mission that will determine the fate of the Triplanetary Confederation, hunting down unknown enemies that have been attacking shipping in an uncharted system in the depths of space. As the stakes keep on rising; with enemies all around, can Marshall save his ship – and a world?

About the Author

Richard Tongue is the author of numerous acclaimed works of science-fiction, including the 'Battlecruiser Alamo' series, a twenty-eight novel saga that represents one of the grandest military science-fiction universes ever published, and is currently working on the 'Colonial War' novel series; he has been publishing in the field for more than a decade, with more than sixty books to his name. When not flying among the stars, he lives in a quiet village the English countryside, with hobbies including history, politics and community activism.