The Things Our Fathers Saw

The Things Our Fathers Saw
Matthew Rozell
From the deserts of North Africa to the mountains of Italy, the men and women veterans of the Italian campaign open up about a war that was so brutal, news of it was downplayed at home. By the end of 2018, fewer than 400,000 of our WW II veterans will still be with us, out of the over 16 million who put on a uniform.

About the Author

MATTHEW ROZELL is an award-winning history teacher, author, and speaker. He has been featured as the ABC World News 'Person of the Week' and has had his work filmed for CBS News, NBC Learn, the Israeli Broadcast Authority, the New York State United Teachers, and the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. Most recently, he was the 2016 recipient of the New York State Teaching Award for Distinguished Contributions to Teaching the Holocaust and Human Rights. In addition to A Train Near Magdeburg, he is the author of the bestselling WWII oral history series, The Things Our Fathers Saw.