The Uninvited Words

The Uninvited Words
S Kovax
Words without invitation, bringing terror and madness as their companions. Invading your mind to reveal a world of shadows where everything is possible. Weird, monstrous, and magical things dwell there, waiting only for you. Enter the realm of The Uninvited Words, and S Kovax will take you to an unforgettable adventure of the macabre.

About the Author

S Kovax is a Hungarian-British writer of horror and dark fantasy. He was brought to this world in Debrecen, Hungary, and he grew up in the small village of Letavertes. Later, in 2013, he moved to the United Kingdom to try his luck and to perfect his ghostly invocations in the infamous dungeons of London. This new life (and some successful rituals) helped him discover a passion for writing stories, only in Hungarian first, then in English too. His short fiction appeared in Scrutiny, Lovecraftiana, Devolution Z, Society of Misfit Stories and many more online and print magazines. Some of these and his recent stories are collected in The Uninvited Words series.

He still dwells in London, now happily married to his wonderful wife and a proud father of their baby boy. If you dare to walk the shadowy streets of Central London, you might hear his incantations from underground as he tries to capture the Muse of Horror.

Otherwise, find him on, or on Twitter and Facebook as @skovaxwriter.