The Viennese Parfumerie

The Viennese Parfumerie
Ron Getreuer–Gilo
"We are all finished" 19-years-old Kitty Hahn writes as she hears Hitler's voice through the streets of her hometown. While her parents refuse to see the rising tides of hatred spreading through the city, Kitty makes the bold decision to escape – alone.

About the Author

Ron Getreuer-Gilo was born in Israel to a Nazi victim family and strongly believes in an independent Jewish state as an answer to Antisemitism.
He is a graduate of the University of Maryland and the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and retired from the IDF as a Lt. Colonel, serving also as the chief editor of the IDF written magazine.
A licensed and sought-after tour guide, his family legacy is the "pillar of fire" directing his routs along the modern state of Israel.