Without a Homeland

Without a Homeland
Bobbie Lord
In May 1999, Bobbie Lord was headed to Albania to assist the Kosovar Albanians who had fled ethnic cleansing. Despite her experience in humanitarian work, would she be up to the task? Heartbreaking and compassionate, Without a Homeland recounts the courage and resilience of a people facing unimaginable obstacles, and one woman’s mission to give them hope that someday, they would return home.

About the Author

Roberta Lord spent eleven years working overseas in the humanitarian field, where her focus was working with refugees in Kenya, Albania, Kosovo, and Guatemala as well as village men and women in Zambia. With Relief International under the umbrella of UNCHR, she served as camp manager at the Qatrom Refugee Camp in Albania, where the refugees nicknamed her “Mother of the Camp.”
Roberta also facilitated workshops in the United States, including at Princess Basma Centre for Disabled Children in Jerusalem, where she developed a program for the mothers of disabled children, and at Interfaith Refugee and Immigration Ministries in Chicago, where she assisted resettled refugee and immigrant women in improving their lives through social and economic development. She also has been a guest lecturer to many organizations including various women’s clubs, Rotary Clubs, and church groups.
No longer working overseas, she continues to empower young women while working as a house director in sororities on university campuses.
Roberta considers herself foremost a humanitarian supporting those who have no voice. Without a Homeland is her first book. She can be reached at www.robertalord.com