Wreck & Ruin

Wreck & Ruin
Emma Slate
When bartender Mia asks Colt to pretend to be her boyfriend for the night, she finds herself falling for the bad-boy biker President. And their toe-curling chemistry soon leaves her breathless…

About the Author

Emma Slate is writing on the run. The dangerous alpha men she writes about aren't thrilled that she's sharing their stories for your enjoyment. So far, she's been able to evade them by jet setting around the world. She wears only black leather because it's bad ass...and hides blood.

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Birth of a Queen (SINS Series Book 2)
Rise of a Dynasty (SINS Series Book 3)
Dawn of an Empire (SINS Series Book 4)
Ember (SINS Series Book 5)
Burn (SINS Series Book 6)
Ashes (SINS Series Book 7)

Peasants and Kings

Wreck & Ruin (Blue Angels Motorcycle Club #1)
Crash & Carnage (Blue Angels Motorcycle Club #2) COMING 11/05/21

The Spider Queen


Queen of Klutz (Sibby Series Book 1)
Sibby Slicker (Sibby Series Book 2)
Mother Shucker (Sibby Series Book 3)
Sibby's Spawn (Sibby Series Book 4)
Hot Mess Express (Sibby Series Book 5) COMING 04/01/22

From Stardust to Stardust