Rage of the Heavens

Rage of the Heavens
Steve Gilmore
It’s the end of the world as we know it. And Dean Robinson feels fine. Dean Robinson, Seventh Deacon of the Seventh Line, made a deal with the Devil. Literally. In his defense, it was the only way to avoid apocalyptic fallout. And it backfired. Spectacularly.

About the Author

A West Point graduate and former Army Ranger, Steve Gilmore hails from rural New England (the town of Acushnet, MA) and subsequently spent the good majority of his adult life in the southern US resulting from his time in the Army and ensuing misadventures in civilian life. After returning to Massachusetts for a spell, he again retreated to warmer climates and now resides in Northwest Florida with his beautiful wife, two amazing kiddos, and a yapping pair of slothful canines.

His urban fantasy adventure novels are a distinctive blend of military grit, apocryphal lore, and laugh out loud dialogue that have been enjoyed by readers around the world. His books are recommended for readers who enjoy Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files, Kevin Hearn’s Iron Druid, or Steve McHugh’s Hellequin Chronicles.