Mystery & Thriller


W.F. van der Hart
A software programmer gets kidnapped in Saint-Petersburg. Meanwhile, in New York, Dave’s life is about to change. The journalist is thrilled with his new assignment about a drug that can allegedly rejuvenate and increase the human lifespan. He gets sucked into a web of crime, greed and genius evil.

A Devil of a Time

Gretchen Jeannette

Ravaged by the evils of war, Clarice Wade stands alone in her quest to heal and carry on. When a mysterious stranger offers his help and heart, she embraces a love that could change everything for the better... or the worse.


The Silent Quarry

Cheryl Rees-Price
Following a fall and a bang to the head, a woman’s memories come flooding back about an incident that occurred twenty years ago in which her friend was murdered. As she pieces together the events and tells the police, she begins to fear repercussions.